Bibles for the World and Graham event ‘partners in God’s kingdom’

By January 12, 2010

India (MNN) — God's hand appears to be on the work of Bibles for the World in southern India.

Mawii Pudaite, co-founder of Bibles for the World, says, "Five hundred thousand copies of the Gospel of John, entitled 'The Book of Hope and Light,' are on their way to homes in the city of Chennai in South India."

What BFTW did not know, when the books were shipped, is that they will be arriving in Chennai around the same time Franklin Graham will be hosting Gospel meetings.

Pudaite said this is a "God thing" because the two ministries have not partnered together in this effort, other than being "partners in the kingdom of God." The coinciding of these two events has the potential to reach more people in the area than ever before.

Graham's event will take place Jan. 21-24. During and leading up to that time, BFTW will be praying for the Gospel's impact to be maximized. Pudaite asks you to join in as well.

"We are praying and expecting God to do a mighty work in the lives of the families in Chennai as they receive the book… Join us in prayer that the Holy Spirit will make His work clear and that individuals will embrace Christ," she said.

Originally, BFTW had a goal to send one million copies of the Gospel of John to Chennai. From there they gathered 800,000 addresses of people living in the city. So far, they have sent copies to half of these households.

Consider helping them distribute the remaining copies. It costs only 25 cents to make one copy, meaning if you donate only $10, you could reach 40 families.

Click here to help BFTW.

Pudaite said, "What a way to begin this new year of 2010 by giving God's Word to those who might have never heard or read it."

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