Bibles For The World builds for a future in India.

By January 11, 2007

India (MNN)–There simply aren’t enough trained pastors to disciple all the new believers in India. That need has been growing clearer since 2001.

In November of that year, a man named Ram Raj got permission to use a large park in Delhi for a massive rally. The intent was to lead a large group of untouchables, or Dalits, in a renounciation of Hinduism. Bibles For The World got permission to distribute New Testaments at that rally. At the last second, the government banned the meeting, and forcibly broke it up. But the plan didn’t work.

Within weeks, reports from the All India Christian Council were shouting the news that over 10,000 Dalits were coming to Christ a week all across India. While Bibles For The World couldn’t shoulder the burden alone in the training and discipleship of this new body of Christians, they could commit to training the leadership.

That said, Bibles For The World bought 3.4 acres of land in Noida, a bustling suburb of Dehli that turns out to be in the middle of an economic boom. They found themselves facing a tough decision last summer: build on the land they had in Delhi, or lose it to the government. The prevailing law indicates that if any land in a development area is lying vacant for over five years, the governemnt can repossess it.

BFTW chose to trust God and build a center for Christian leadership training on their land. The new Center will include a 550-seat Church, a dormitory for 300, 12 classrooms, 24 staff housing units and offices.

With the help of a matching grant, the ministry was able to raise the more than $600,000 for the facility.

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