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By May 2, 2018

International (MNN) – Many people attempt to read the Bible in a year. But how much of what was read is retained? Bibles For The World is teaming up with an author who is attempting to help people all over the world to learn key parts of the Bible in a year.

John Pudaite of Bibles For The World says, “As you know, Bibles For The World has been involved in Scripture distribution around the world now, over 120 countries, over the last 45 years. One of the questions that often hits us, coming from our partners in these various countries is, ‘Ok, after we give out the Scriptures, what have you got next for us?’

“And so this is something we feel God has brought to us—this book and Shane Houle, the author, with his ‘Learn the Bible in a Year’.”

Dr. Shane W. Houle wrote ‘Learn the Bible in a Year’ to give more people access to quality Bible teaching, help them dig deep into the Scriptures, and retain what they read.

Houle says, “The goal of ‘Learn the Bible in a Year’ is to teach the whole Bible in 365 lessons in every language of the world, for free. We want everyone in the world to have access to quality Bible teaching that is both comprehensive and concise.”

He explains that the book is comprehensive in that it covers content from Genesis to Revelations. It’s concise, he says, because each lesson takes just seven minutes a day.

“What I’ve done is to consolidate the best of my training and learning and also the best of 20 years of teaching and preaching and put it into this one volume that is accessible to just about anybody with an eighth-grade education.”

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Houle says while it sounds simple, it isn’t simplistic. In fact, the book stays true to the depths of meaning found in the Bible.

“At the end of every lesson, there’s three questions for reflection and review, and those are to help assure that you understand the material.”

For this reason, the book is an appropriate resource for personal study, small groups, and for teaching in the classroom. Houle says Sunday school teachers and pastors alike will be able to use the book to help them plan lessons and sermons.

“We hope to have a wide distribution,” he says.

Pudaite says they are partnering up with Houle to get “Learn the Bible in a Year” translated into different languages so that they can follow up Bible distribution with this helpful learning resource. Already, they’ve begun translations for languages in Nepal and India.

“We really want to make sure that those people, in whatever country they are, that they are really engaging with God’s Word,” Pudaite says.

This resource is for new and old believers alike, and even those who are just curious and wanting to learn more about Jesus.

“We want to continue that work so that, especially these unreached people groups, as they come to know Jesus, as they want to know more about what is the Christian faith, and here they’re given a whole Bible. It’s like ‘Where do I start and what’s important to read?’ This will help them move through the Bible and learn the most important, salient points of the Scriptures.”

In addition to making this book available to more and more people, Houle and Bibles For The World have also launched Houle’s book as a daily, two-minute radio program. And they’re inviting you to dive in and experience this book for yourself!

“By God’s grace we’ve been able to launch this since January 1st, and we have people who are starting to learn the Bible in a year with us. And, we’re just praying that God will continue to put together more stations, more networks, more listeners that will actually join with us in engaging with God’s Word and really learning it, taking it to heart, and putting it into action.”

To check out this resource for yourself, click here. And, keep praying for the translation work and for this book to help believers pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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