Bibles reach Mandarin-speaking communities in Russia

By April 11, 2024
Bibles for China, Russia distribution

China (MNN) — They made it! Bibles for China has received word about 50,000 Mandarin Bibles meant for seekers and believers in Russia. 

Kurt Rovenstine with Bibles for China explains, “There’s actually quite a large Chinese population (in Russia). They kind of live together within Moscow, but also along the border up above in extreme northeastern China.”

Bibles in another shipment that were distributed to Chinese who live in Russia along the China border. 
(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

In 2022 the team was ready with a partner organization to distribute the Bibles to Chinese people living in Russia. But then the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out and plans had to change. 

Rather than keep the Bibles in a warehouse indefinitely, they released them to Chinese churches in the Moscow area for use in training and evangelism. Then they waited. 

More than a year later, they have received word that all 50,000 Bibles were distributed.

“Just in the last few months, the last of those (50,000) were all distributed. That was very, very much an encouragement to the work that we do, and a reminder that, that God is good, you know, when we step out on faith.” Rovenstine says.

“Those Bibles are in the hands of people who at least have the opportunity to read them and to discover the truth that they contain. That was very much an encouragement to the work that we do, and a reminder that God is good. When we step out on faith, and even when it seems as if there are roadblocks before us, God opens doors and gets the truth out to those who want to read it,” Rovenstine says.

Praise God for His living Word, and pray for more open doors for Bibles for China to reach Mandarin-speaking families.

“The power of the Word of God is amazing. God is not going to let that truth go away simply because the world is opposed to it. When God’s people walk in obedience, He opens doors for us to do the work that we do,” Rovenstine says.



Header photo courtesy of Bibles for China via Facebook. 

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