Biblica continues their 200th anniversary celebration in Colombia

By July 7, 2010

Colombia (MNN) — Biblica continued their worldwide
celebration of their 200 years of ministry, commemorating their Latin American
ministry in Bogota, Colombia at the end of June.

But Esteban Fernández, the new president of Biblica-Latin
American, said they had more than just that to celebrate: "We are
celebrating this year the 200th anniversary of Biblica and the 10th
anniversary of the Nuevo Version Internacional."

The Nuevo Version Internacional (NVI) is the Spanish translation
of the New International Version (NIV). The celebration was held at Iglesia
Casa Sobre la Roca (House on the Rock Church), one of the first churches in
Latin America to adopt this translation.

In addition to these two anniversaries, they reiterated
Biblica's purpose, "Mr. Keith Danby presented the renewed vision and
future for Biblica in the world," Fernández said.

Finally, the celebrated the passing of the torch as Dr.
Luciano Jaramillo officially retired and Fernández became the new President of
Biblica-Latin America. Jaramillo headed translation in Latin America for over
twenty years and later became Group Vice President for Latin America. Fernández
said he served as President of Vida-Zondervan, their Spanish branch, for ten
years and then came to Biblica, also serving as Group Vice President with Jaramillo.

"I have big shoes to fill as I assume this new calling,"
Fernández said in Biblica's press release. "Dr. Jaramillo is an incredible
leader, writer, visionary and teacher. He has accomplished immeasurable work
for the kingdom of God throughout Latin America and beyond. We wish him
continued success as he serves God in new ways."

After all of this celebration, they also held a leadership
seminar for 2500 pastors and church leaders, where Jaramilllo spoke: "Dr.
Luciano Jaramillo spoke about the importance of the Word in any kind of kingdom
ministry. We cannot put the Word aside [in] any of our efforts [in] spreading
the Good News," Fernández said. Fernández and Pastor Dario Silva-Silva,
pastor of Iglesia Casa Sobre la Roca, also led segments of the conference.

As Biblica-Latin America enters this new season, pray for
wisdom among all translators, but especially Fernández as he assumes his new
position. Pray for the team as they begin new translation and also begin taking
existing translations and putting them in audio form.

Visit to help in any of these projects.

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