Biblica explores Evangelism 2.0

By September 7, 2012

Int'l (MNN) — Missionaries risk their lives smuggling Scripture into countries like North Korea and Afghanistan. According to Biblica CEO Doug Lockhart, there's a safer way to spread the Good News. Instead of trying to conceal a printed Bible in heavily-persecuted nations, believers can share Scripture using digital technology.

"It's safer, it's more efficient, and it could be more effective," Lockhart said. "It's a very, very important time that we live in, from an evangelistic standpoint."

Lockhart says evangelism takes root when unbelievers hear God's Word in their heart language. Biblica holds an international license for the contemporary NIV English Bible translation and is often faced with translation challenges.

"The question that we ask ourselves is, 'How do we leverage that factor and help people engage with God's Word at a deeper level in their heart language?'" explained Lockhart.

He said Biblica tackles this challenge by using the Bible to teach English as a Second Language. The desire to learn English is rising significantly in developing nations. Over 300 million people in India speak English, and many more want to learn. Using Scripture to teach people isn't a new evangelism technique, but Lockhart says using digital technology adds a new aspect.

"It's a well-proven model; it's been used all around the world," he said. "But to do it in an electronic format really takes it to a new level."

Biblica wants to grow their translation library, giving people access to two versions of Scripture: one in their heart language and one in English. The ministry has 30 active translation projects throughout the world and has translated the Bible into major languages including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and an Ethiopian language called Amharic. You can support Biblica's translation efforts here.

Pray for wisdom for Biblica teams as they translate more languages. Pray for growth in the translation ministry.

"For us to do great translation work is something that requires great wisdom, so we certainly would covet your listeners' prayers that we would be God-honoring in what we do."

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