BJP gains threatens evangelism in India

By December 31, 2003

India (MNN) — Elections in several states in India may cause difficulty for future evangelism in that Hindu nation. The BJP, a radical Hindu political party, now controls the states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

Gospel For Asia’s KP Yohannan says, “If this trend continues, they’ll get a majority from all over India, then they will have the power to change the constitution, which is the most dreadful thing to happen for the future, especially when we think about the work of the Lord.”

In the short term, these states are expected to pass anti-conversion legislation, says Yohannan. “What this means is that when our missionaries, or any church or mission group baptizes non-Christians (new converts), unless they file the legal papers, get permission from the magistrate, the person who baptizes and the person who got baptized, they both end up in jail,” says Yohannan.

While the political situation looks bleak in human eyes, that’s not necessarily the case. Yohannan says, “Since the BJP government came into power and persecution increased like never before, it is true, people are turning to Christ in large numbers.” He says, “We have never seen or imagined the number of people coming to Christ in different numbers.”

Continue to pray for Gospel For Asia in its attempt to place a Bible in every home in India and everyone will have a chance to hear the Good News of Christ. Pray too that they’ll be able to raise up 100,000 missionaries to help in that effort.

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