Boko Haram officially banned

By June 7, 2013

Nigeria (ODM/MNN) — On Tuesday morning, June 4, gunmen surrounded the Rubuki village in Nigeria, killing at least 16 people and destroying 25 homes.

According to Open Doors USA, the motive for the attack is unknown.

It appears the perpetrators may have been Boko Haram members escaping the government clampdown under the state of emergency in Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states.

Yesterday Boko Haram was officially banned by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan. The U.S. government also declared a $7 million bounty for the capture of its leader, Abubakar Shekau.

Boko Haram is an extremist Islamic organization which has killed hundreds of Christians and moderate Muslims, and it has a goal of establishing Sharia law in all of Nigeria.

With this new ban in place, members of Boko Haram can be legally prosecuted and sentenced per the Terrorism Prevention Act. Even if someone gives aid to Boko Haram through finances or logistics, the law states they can be sentenced to "not less than 20 years.”

Nigerian Christians experience some of the worst persecution in the world. According to Open Doors’ 2013 World Watch List, Nigeria ranks at #13 for persecution of believers.

Please pray for the community of Rubuki, Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Pray also for Nigeria as the government carries on efforts to bring an end to the Boko Haram insurgency.

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