Bonaire Power Up Project reaches final stages

By May 30, 2017

International (MNN) — What if there was one project with the potential to reach over 50 million people with the Gospel? Bernard Oosterhoff of Trans World Radio said not only will the Bonaire Power Up Project do just that, but it’s almost ready.

Currently, the Bonaire transmitters can reach part of Cuba, and “are broadcasting with 100 kilowatts,” said Oosterhoff. “We will increase it to 450 kilowatts, and with that, we will basically double our reach.”

(Photo courtesy of Trans World Radio)

That means all of Cuba and parts of Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil will have access to quality Christian radio. “It was a huge step of faith to even start this project in 2014,” said Oosterhoff. “The total project value was $3.8 million, so yeah, we expected it to last many years!”

Yet now, only three years later, the final transmitter is on its way to Bonaire.

Trans World Radio has been facing surprisingly little persecution. Instead, there’s overwhelming support from potential listeners eager to hear God’s Word. “In Cuba it’s not possible to have Christian radio from within the country, so there’s a lot of hunger from people in Cuba to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and people are very excited to hear it.

“It’s very important to speak to the people to their hearts and speak their own language,” Oosterhoff added, which is why programs are already available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and even a few tribal languages.

(Photo courtesy of Trans World Radio)

But it’s not as simple as just turning it all on. “We have to do a lot more. We have to publish the radio frequency” and stir up interest from potential listeners.

Even with the last transmitter on the way, the job’s not done yet. Trans World Radio still needs $160,000 before the project can be finished, and even when the message is available, Oosterhoff says it’s up to God to open people’s ears.

“When I see the towers of Trans World Radio here at Bonair, I see really that the heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of His hands.” Pray that the new project helps millions of other see His glory too.

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