Book of Hope continues to speak the truth

By October 16, 2008

International (MNN) — In one world conflict zone, God has used Book of Hope to turn sorrow into joy.

The Book of Hope is essentially the entirety of the Gospel message in a book, mainly presented to children. The book has been written in twenty languages, and since its original publication twenty years ago, over 500 million copies have been distributed.

Recently, a Book of Hope worker in this dangerous region went deep into the jungle, planning to share the book with the villagers there. When the man did not return to the rest of the team, one pastor went out looking for him.

When the pastor finally found the man, he was horrified. The missionary had been violently mutilated and lay dead beside his empty box of books.

This was not the end of the story for this Book of Hope team, however. Several months later, a local man came to the same pastor, asking him to explain how he could find Jesus Christ.

After talking for a while about how the man gained an interest in the Lord, the villager revealed that he had murdered the Book of Hope worker and stolen his books. By the grace of God, he started reading the Book of Hope and began to recognize his need for a Savior. The Lord used one man's death for another man's life, so that both of them will live eternally together with Christ.

Book of Hope is committed to making sure that thousands more come to the Lord with the aid of the Book of Hope. If you'd like to take part in this exciting ministry, click here.

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