Book of Hope has first-ever distribution in Sierra Leone.

By December 21, 2004

Sierra Leone (MNN)–The phenomenon of child soldiers continues, with as many as 300,000 who remain active in 20 wars.

The greater problem comes during ‘peace’ where rehabilitation efforts in many war zones are incomplete. As these children escape or are released, they desperately need counseling and rehabilitation before they can rejoin their families.

Book of Hope’s Bob Hoskins says the Gospel plays a significant role in this issue in Sierra Leone. “Those children have now very little facility to rehabilitate them, so the need for the message of hope is great. Thankfully, the doors are open, the government leaders actually asked us to come and help in this situation.”

Hoskins says their team trained over 100 church leaders in equipping. “They were able to train over a hundred pastors and church leaders and actually lead those newly trained workers into 19 schools., where they distributed 21-thousand books. There are few, if any textbooks, so the teachers immediately began using the Book of Hope in the classrooms.”

Please continue to pray for the children in crisis. Through our prayers and support, they may become children with a chance.

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