Trans World Radio marks a new milestone.

By December 21, 2004

International (MNN)–Trans World Radio is now broadcasting the Good News of Jesus Christ in more than 190 languages and dialects.

It’s a milestone reached as a result of recently adding seven languages from the northern Caucasus region of Russia, including Chechen.

TWR’s Nathan Anderson says the seven are part of a new program, produced by TWR- Europe in cooperation with another international Christian broadcaster, which airs each day of the week in a different language. “The whole development with the seven languages we could not have done if we would not have had a wonderful working relationship with another international active broadcaster. In fact, he’s working with a fellow in that region who actually came to Christ as a result of listening to Trans World Radio. So you can see how the circle closes itself again.”

Other recent additions have been broadcasts in the languages of Pulaar (PRON: PooLAR) in Western Africa, Uyghur (PRON: WEEger) in China, and Papiamentu, (PRON: pap ya MEN tu) the language of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire in the Caribbean.

TWR’s programs are aired from more than 2,700 broadcasting outlets around the globe, including 14 international transmitting sites, satellite, cable, Internet and local AM and FM stations. Every day, TWR’s broadcasts reach millions in over 160 countries.

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