IBS teams with local Christian leaders in Colorado to give the gift of Scripture.

By December 21, 2004

USA (MNN/IBS)–In the United States, the International Bible Society (IBS) and more than 125 Christian leaders teamed up in a special project.

Working in cooperation with the Colorado Springs area newspaper, ‘The Gazette’, IBS worked out a partnership that makes great use of the paper’s circulation.

This past Sunday, in the state of Colorado, IBS provided a customized New Testament to nearly 100-thousand people in the wrappers of the local newspaper.

What makes it unique, is the New Testament features local scenes familiar to residents, information about the city, photos of local sites from yesterday and today, and testimonies of Colorado Springs residents.

The package also included help for people unfamiliar with Scripture, spiritual encouragement and a website address to help recipients connect with local churches.

The reasoning behind the approach is summed up by a local pastor. “The IBS approach seems to me to be such a healthy thing,” said Dr. Michael Sayler, pastor of First Baptist Church of Colorado Springs. “The people who are distributing the Word of God care enough about the people of the community to personalize it.”

Pray that many respond. Many of the area churches are also ready for discipleship efforts in the follow-up to what the IBS is calling “the largest Christian outreach in the area in decades”.

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