Book of Hope helps twin sisters

By January 28, 2009

Uganda (MNN) — Safina and her twin sister, Moreen, have decided to follow Jesus. despite their father's rebuke, they won't be turning back.

The girls converted from their Muslim faith after attending a Book of Hope screening of the GodMan film. Each girl received a Book of Hope and wanted to be saved after viewing Christ's crucifixion.

"I knew I had to be saved," said Moreen, after seeing Jesus on the cross. Christian friends had told the girls about the death and resurrection of Jesus, but they couldn't understand why Christians would worship a God who could be killed.

Safina was amazed at the way Jesus shared everything with His disciples and at His tangible His love for them. After viewing the crucifixion scenes, Safina realized that her Christian friends hadn't been lying when they said that their God had died and come back to life.

After reading about how Jesus had died for their sins, Safina and Moreen understood Christ's death and wanted to follow Him.

The GodMan is a computer-generated, photo-realistic film version of the Book of Hope, which tells the story of Jesus and can be targeted toward a particular country or culture. Book of Hope uses the book and film together because the film causes excitement about reading God's Word, and the book generates excitement about seeing the film.

Primarily-oral cultures, like many of those in Africa, have only one or two people per village that can read. Book of Hope has produced a "Storying Edition" for these people to use in telling the story of Jesus to the entire village, with corresponding illustrations from the film.

The film had been shown on a Friday night, and the girls announced their decision on Saturday morning to follow Jesus as their Savior and Lord. The twins attended church for the first time on Sunday, and they have gone faithfully since. Their father doesn't stop them from attending church, but he does disapprove of their decision. He often berates the girls for leaving Islam. Please join the girls as they pray for their family's salvation.

"I don't feel good about what he says," said Safina, "but I want to be saved and be a child of God."

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