ReachGlobal staff attends Healthy Teams Initiative conference

By January 28, 2009

USA (MNN) — "Health is essential for growth," which is why ReachGlobal has organized the Healthy Teams Initiative to develop and empower healthy church leaders. ReachGlobal's initiative is to "cure" unhealthy churches by describing the church when it functions normally and impacts the world according to God's intentions. Twenty-four ReachGlobal international staff members are attending the conference this week in Arizona.

ReachGlobal provides practical resources which global workers can use to train others in the area of church health. Since God designed the church to be a living, dynamic organism instead of a religious institution, its health will determine the size of the church.

Many churches have become unhealthy through divisions, gossip, hypocrisy, judgment and immorality. Since unhealthy churches are ineffective in carrying out God's work, ReachGlobal is committed to supporting and cultivating the health of churches. As a church becomes healthier, it's more able to produce godly disciples and effective ministries.

With a focus on developing healthy nationals and leaders, ReachGlobal hopes to empower and equip believers who can share the Gospel and develop healthy churches. To find out more about ReachGlobal's passion for church health, please click here.

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