Book of Hope is now OneHope

By March 2, 2009

USA (MNN) — After much thought and prayer about the dynamically changing world we are called to minister in, Book of Hope has changed its name. It will now be known as OneHope.

In a press release sent to their supporters last week, President of OneHope Rob Hoskins says, "OneHope is what we offer the children and youth of the world: the hope of Jesus Christ. OneHope is found in His Word — whether we deliver that Word through the printed pages of the Book of Hope, or on the big screen with The GodMan film.

"The One Hope for the future of the next generation is Jesus. It's the Savior we present to the children … their OneHope."

Book of Hope will of course remain the name of their printed Scripture book for children and youth. OneHope is not cutting back in distributing the printed Word at all; in fact, their goal is to reach over 70 million kids with the Book of Hope this year alone.

According to Hoskins, "Some new friends were getting confused: was 'Book of Hope' a ministry or a product? And why did a ministry called 'Book of Hope' use a film and the internet?"

The new name will help clarify their work and eliminate confusion.

"Prayerfully we studied the future, the worldwide priority of our mission, and the true state of the world: UNESCO says one in every five people on earth can't read. That's over a billion souls that can't be touched by a book," says Hoskins.

OneHope continues to be committed to reaching the next generation with God's Word through all available media. The GodMan has been viewed by more than 10 million children and youth in hosted showings and by hundreds of millions more via broadcast TV.

OneHope also will be exploring additional media such as the web, text and oral presentation — anything and everything with the potential to introduce Scripture to young people!

According to Hoskins, "OneHope captures the original vision God gave: to rescue children and youth from the despair and lies of the enemy by providing them with the one and only hope for eternity. OneHope is perfect in an age of relativism when children are taught there are no absolute truths but that there are many ways to God. It's critical that they understand there is only 'One Hope' for the future … and that they can find this Hope in the Scriptures. OneHope reflects the proclamation of the Living Word, the Savior, whether through print, film or some other media."

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