Haiti remembers 205 years

By March 2, 2009

Haiti (MNN) — On February 28,
Haitians observed an important anniversary in the 205-year history of their
country. In the days leading up to it, there have been protests and marches across the country. 

Eva DeHart with For Haiti With Love
is hoping the tensions won't erupt into days of rioting. "Haitians notoriously have been
their own worst enemies." Conditions at every level have worsened in Haiti
since 2004.

Poverty and hunger are rising,
forcing many to subsist on "dirt cookies." Malnutrition is widespread, and
starvation has made its appearance.

Agricultural production has
suffered through a succession of four hurricanes last year. Half of Haiti's
children do not attend school, and half of its people have no access to medical

Haitian President René Préval
says his impoverished country is in desperate need of economic assistance and
is seeking as much as $100 million to fill a budget gap that he said could send
Haiti back into anarchy. The
International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be providing US$36.6 million in
additional funds to Haiti to help it cope and recover.

2008 was a year filled with food
riots, anarchy, disaster and death. The
stability the country teeters on threatens to unravel with a breath.

DeHart says, "Desperate people
do desperate things. They're tired of high gas prices. They're tired of
not being able to get food. They're tired of the fact that they've seen no
progress since the hurricanes. It's just a very depressing situation that
they're not seeing an end to." 

In the meantime, For Haiti With
Love has been using the food supplies for their normal food program to keep
people alive when there is no food. They were fortunate to have had a container
delivered to the headquarters and are arranging to have another one shipped

Beans are gone, and operations
have shifted to using the food packs, local rice and bulgur wheat. The medical clinic also needs to be resupplied
as they have been caring for the sick and injured.  

For Haiti with Love is the hands
and feet of Christ in Haiti. They're
marking 40 years of love in the region.  DeHart
urges believers to "pray for a peaceful spirit in the country so that
the people somehow understand that God is in control and that demonstrations and violence
are not going to help."


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