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Published on 01 January, 2010

Books headed to Nepal in 2010

Nepal (MNN) — In the year 2009,
Christian Resources International shipped almost 200,000 Bibles and Christian literature
to pastors in parts of the world where such materials are difficult to
obtain. CRI's Fred Palmerton is excited about
the needs the ministry will meet in 2010. 

"We are just so grateful for
the ending year and all the ministry that we were able to accomplish, and
finding out that the needs didn't go away; [they're] still great," he
said. "I'm looking forward to 2010. It's
going to be an exciting year at the ministry, and God blessed us mightily." 

CRI hopes to ship a Great Crate
to a pastor in Nepal in the next 4-6 weeks, by late January or early February. The crate will contain upwards of 15,000
Bibles and books. The pastor, Reuben
Rai, lives in Kathmandu and ministers in Nepal and a border region of Pakistan. 

"He is in desperate need of more
material," Palmerton said. "This window
of opportunity opened up approximately three years ago, when the country opened
up the opportunity to bring Christianity into Nepal in an open manner. Pastor Reuben Rai has just been busy, busy,
busy doing exactly this. He does street
ministry, evangelizing, starting churches, training pastors…we're just excited
to be a part of that."

Pastor Rai will use the materials from CRI for
his ministry and distribute them to pastors all over the region where he
works. The biblical resources "can make
all the difference in the world" for these faithful servants of God, Palmerton
said. The pastors don't face much
opposition from the government, but that doesn't mean life is easy. Nevertheless, the church is growing. 

"The church of Jesus Christ is
growing by leaps and bounds in Nepal, and some of the fringe areas of Pakistan
that pastor Reuben gets into," Palmerton said. 

You can help with the effort by
donating or by sending books for the crate. Call 888-CRI-WORD to learn more. The pastors especially need Bibles, theology books, and books
appropriate for seminary students.  "Pray
for the correct, right materials to be collected," Palmerton said. 

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