Brazilians open to the warmth of the Son.

By July 30, 2004

Brazil (MNN)–They took the city by storm. Sammy Tippit Ministries was asked to present the Gospel to nearly 20 million people in a key city of Brazil last week.

Elliot Williams was part of the team of 300 Americans ministering in and throughout the greater Sao Paulo area. The ministry-minded team traveled from Oregon, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Indiana and numerous other regions converged on Sao Paulo.

250 churches participated in the outreach during the week. With more than 45-hundred people as new believers, Willliams says discipleship is the next step. “All those churches there, the pastors, that they would keep track of all those people that accepted Christ. That was my challenge to my pastors, as I spoke to them. ‘We planted the seed, now it’s going to be up to you guys to water that seed, to nourish these people, and to help them as they mature.'”

The evangelistic effort was a partnership with the Sao Paulo Baptist Convention. Williams urges prayer for the church leaders as the missions’ vision begins to catch on. “This same love that we shared with them in their hearts, that they would maybe begin to share with other people, starting with their family members, and then their neighborhoods, and maybe even to another part of the country.”

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