“Bridge of Hope” gives real hope to needy kids in India

By July 26, 2005

India (MNN) — Many low caste Hindu children are living without hope. In one area these hopeless children were dealt another blow as the tsunami tore apart their families. It could have crushed their spirits as many children lost mothers, fathers and other family members.

Gospel for Asia has recognized that hopelessness and started the “Bridge of Hope” program. It start long before the tsunami hit, and it’s breathing physical and spiritual life into these kids throughout the nation.

Brother Ebenezer is Gospel For Asia’s Head Overseer. “This is one of the 240 ‘Bridge of Hope’ centers that we have throughout the country. We’re taking care of 20,700-plus children that are children at risk, coming from families that are poor that are not able to send their children to school.”

While there are 240 centers in all of India, before the tsunami, there weren’t any in the regions where the tsunami hit. “There was opposition to this place. After the tsunami we started 20 centers all along the coast of south India to take care of the children of the tsunami-affected people.”

According to Ebenezer, the program does great things for these kids. “They’re learning Christian songs and even Bible verses. And, every day they’re hearing stories that tell them about the Lord Jesus Christ and stories that encourage them to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.” They also provide medical supplies, tuition, food and more.

The goal for the program is simply to introduce them to Jesus. Pray that this becomes an important part of their lives. $28 is all it takes to sponsor a “Bridge of Hope” child. Click on the highlighted link above to do it. Your gift will assure a child not only gets a good education, but also gets to know Christ’s love at the same time.

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