Bringing Bibles beyond borders

By April 25, 2014
An 81 yr old Christian, who'd prayed for a Bible for decades, wept when VBB gave him one. (Image, caption courtesy VBB)

An 81-yr-old Christian, who had prayed for a Bible for decades, wept when VBB gave him one.
(Image, caption courtesy VBB)

International (MNN) — You might be brave enough to share the Gospel with an atheist neighbor, but would you have the courage to smuggle God’s Word into a closed nation? That’s exactly what Vision Beyond Borders does on a daily basis. This ministry is living up to its namesake by bringing Bibles beyond borders.

“Every time I open the Bible, it puts everything back into perspective, that it’s not about me: it’s all about Jesus. I want to get that Word around the world to those that are hungry for the Truth,” says VBB founder and director, Patrick Klein.

Since its establishment over two decades ago, VBB has put 750,000 copies of Scripture into the hands of believers in closed nations around the world.

“The need is just unbelievable,” notes Klein. “Places [where] hundreds of thousands of Christians are just desperate for Bibles.

“Even in Islamic countries, Muslims are opening up to the Gospel and they’re saying, ‘Bring us the Truth. We want to know what the Truth is.'”

If believers are caught smuggling Bibles into closed countries, their punishments can range from fines to imprisonment to death threats. That’s why prayer is so important.

“As people pray, we believe God is opening the doors and even putting peopleā€¦that believe in Jesus Christ…into customs and helping us, just waving us through customs.”

Read about God’s intervention during a recent trip to Central America here.

(Image courtesy VBB)

(Image courtesy VBB)

Klein and VBB started their Bible distribution ministry to closed countries in Southeast Asia. Now, they’ve expanded to closed countries in the Middle East, as well as Central America. Klein says they’re approaching 20 countries altogether.

“People are searching for the Truth, and I believe as Christians we need to be ready to give an answer for the hope that’s within us,” he says.

There are several ways you can get involved in this ministry. The first, and most important, is through prayer. Sign up to receive prayer and praise updates here.

“We pray through the borders, and it’s amazing how you see answers to prayer,” Klein shares. “We’re praying that God opens the borders and opens the way to get more Bibles into these closed countries.”

Secondly, you can go on one of these trips. Find a schedule of upcoming trips here. And finally, if you’re not physically inclined to Bible-smuggling, you can help send someone who is.

“I think we’re living in incredible times. And I think [there are] opportunities for the Church like we’ve never seen before in all of history,” says Klein.

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