Bringing life to children affected by HIV

By March 31, 2009

Kenya (MNN) — 1.5 million children living in Kenya have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. That number is expected to rise to 2 million within the next few years.

Paul is one out of the 150,000 children in Kenya who has been diagnosed with HIV. He was orphaned at the age of one when his mother died from the disease. Malnourished and sickly, there was little hope for Paul to live past his second birthday. Amazingly, Paul is now six years old is as healthy as most other children his age, even with HIV.

Paul would undoubtedly be long gone if it were not for Kids Alive International who took him in and nursed him to physical and spiritual health. Kids Alive is currently working with about 300 other children in the country, building them up in every way at the ministry's four residential homes and one school.

Kids Alive has been providing help and healthcare to these children for five years and has seen nothing but progress. Most children have come to them malnourished and unable to read or write. Now they are flourishing in their school work, with full bellies. Matt Parker with Kids Alive notes that, most excitingly, they are being strengthened in the Lord.

"We're seeing many of the children who come from such awful backgrounds coming to know the Lord, coming to serve Him in their lives," says Parker, who recently visited the residential homes in Kenya. "One thing that has really struck me over the last week as I've visited these children's homes is just how God is at work in these children's lives. It's been a real privilege to attend their times of worship and their devotions, just seeing how God is at work in them."

Kids Alive is doing all they can to provide health, the hope of a future, and the love of Christ to as many children as possible. But in light of the pandemic and its expected proliferation, there are still thousands of children to be reached. Kids Alive would love to expand their programs in Kenya but can only do so if finances are available.

 You can sponsor a child for $35 a month, or donate to Kids Alive by clicking here.

Please pray for the suffering victims of AIDS to seek out their Savior, and for the ministry of Kids Alive.

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