Bringing your skills to the mission table

By January 13, 2016

India (MNN) — About two or three times every year, India Partners embarks on short-term mission trips, inviting everyday people to tag along and make a difference. With spring and summer approaching, India Partners invites you to clear your schedule for two weeks and venture on a journey that will change your life and the lives of others.

(Photo courtesy of India Partners via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of India Partners via Facebook)

“Our goal is to take people who are service-minded, who are excited about going and coming alongside these organizations, and using their gifts and skills to play a part,” says Kaytie Fiedler with India Partners. She says no matter the experience or skill level, God has use and plans for you that will be miraculous.

“There’s really no limit to who God’s going to use…. God uses everybody and every skill.”

Again and again, people have told Fiedler they weren’t sure if they could make an impact. “But they’re the ones who end up being so real with their hearts and life experiences that they impact greatly the people they get to minister to. And then vice versa, we always walk away with some really incredible blessing from the people that we get to minister to.”

Teachers have been able to connect on different levels with parents and their children. People who can build have been able to construct and repair homes and buildings. Others who have interests in technology are giving lessons to the disabled.

There’s something for everyone.

One single mother has been attending India Partners’ mission trips for years. Prior to attending, she had no idea what she could bring to the table, but now, she brings craft supplies to make a connection with kids and their parents. It’s helping to break down walls and open up doors to speak about the Gospel.

Maybe your situation is a little different; maybe you’ve been on so many mission trips that they seem like déjà vu and you feel burned out in the experience. Fiedler explains that the main thing that keeps her interested is “when we are able to go and meet with people…and we see God using His Holy Spirit to encourage each other and give words of knowledge, even see the Lord do miraculous things of healing in people’s bodies as well as their bodies and spirit.”

(Photo courtesy of India Partners via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of India Partners via Facebook)

A number of indigenous people have said they’ve heard stories of visions or dreams about India Partners coming, about people meeting the one true King and being baptized. Stories like that are encouraging motivators to keep pushing and mobilizing the Word.

“When you have those connections where God’s Spirit had prepared the way, and your team comes in and there’s this [amazement about] what God has been preparing in the hearts and minds of the people, I think that’s really what always keeps me excited.”

In the next few weeks, take time to sit down and ask the Lord if this trip is right for you. If it is, get ready to experience the world of India in villages and cities, working with India Partners’ connections, the poor, and those who have never heard Jesus’s name.

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  • I would like to know more about your up and coming mission trip to India.

    Thank you
    Be Blessed

  • I am coming to India next October with several on our TEAM INDIA 2016. We will meet with several directors of orphanages, and see if we can help them with land and a new building. We hope to partner with several churches.

    I am a part-time music teacher… and hope to start a South India Children’s Choir, but I would love to find out about some other opportunities. I have just had two knee replacements, so I will be ready for this trip next October..

    Thank you so much.. Carolyn

  • Michael says:


    I’d like to know in what way can i help.


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