Buckner begins the 2 Million Shoe Countdown

By April 15, 2009

International (Buckner) — Which pair will it be? Pink Converse or superhero sneakers? A pair of "Big Foot" athletic shoes or a tiny pair of Crocs?

In anticipation of the two millionth pair of shoes to be donated or
collected, Shoes for Orphan Souls is inviting you to participate in the
2 Million Shoe Countdown.

"It's really exciting that we will collect our two millionth pair of
shoes during our 10-year anniversary," said Rachel Garton, director of
Shoes for Orphan Souls.

And it couldn't come soon enough. Garton said increased efficiency
at the Buckner Center for Humanitarian Aid means shoes are received and
processed faster than ever, meaning inventory is at an all-time low.

"The shoes are going out faster than ever before," she said. "We
have also been providing more shoes to other agencies and churches that
are going on mission trips, which is great because it means the shoes
are getting to children more quickly. But it also means we need more
people to help collect and donate shoes."

The shoe drives can be conducted physically or online through the SoleMates program. A single pair of shoes, socks, and shipment cost can also be donated online for $25 dollars.

Buckner staff will be closely monitoring the influx of new shoes
between now and the two millionth pair, Garton said. The winning pair
of shoes will be followed in its delivery to an orphan somewhere around
the world. Garton expects the winning pair to arrive by June.

"The person making the two millionth shoe donation will be
recognized and will receive a prize," Garton said. "They will also have
the satisfaction of knowing that they helped a child who really needed
some shoes."

To participate in the 2 Million Shoe Countdown, sign up to host a shoe drive, or give a pair of shoes today.

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