Buckner launches creative ways to raise funds for mission trips

By March 24, 2011

International (BOC/MNN) – What does a photo art show have to
do with missions?

According to Buckner International, it's one of ten ways to
build funds for a mission trip. Buckner
International connects caring believers with orphan and at-risk kids in China, Peru,
Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Honduras, Latvia,
Russia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and the U.S./Mexico border during the summer
of 2011.

Since that is right around the corner, participants are
looking for creative ways to raise the money.

Buckner suggested 10 unusual approaches that differ from the

1. Sell seasonal blooms. Work with a local nursery to get
spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils and lilies at wholesale prices. Have
customers pre-order their flowers, and designate a pickup day and time. Your
group can offer gardening services as an add-on for customers who don't have
the time or energy to dig in.

2. Hold a funny photo art show. Take submissions of
people's funniest photos (decide in advance if Photoshop is allowed!), mat them,
and include a brief biography of the "artist." Display them with a jar or box
nearby where patrons can vote for their favorites with coins or bills. One dime
is one vote, and the artist with the most votes wins a prize.

3. Organize a sports tournament. Choose indoor sports, like
basketball or racquetball during the winter. Flag football, ultimate Frisbee
and soccer are fun when the sun comes out. Choose a date, reserve the courts or
fields, and locate volunteers to officiate. Give out medals to the top teams, or
ask local businesses to donate prizes.

4. Drum for dollars or pipe for pennies.  If you're
musically gifted, arrange to play an instrument in a restaurant or mall. Set up
a display with an explanation of your trip and your goals, and request donations
from listeners.

5. Auction off surprise suppers. This one takes "mystery
meat" to a new level. Tell participants in advance that they will need to bring
one plate of food – it can be anything, from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
to a sirloin steak. Cover each plate and keep them warm while people arrive and
get seated. When guests are ready, bring out the first covered dish, and start
the bidding.

6. Host a yard sale. Ask members of your church to get a
start on their spring cleaning and donate items they don't want or need. Set up
a $1 temporary tattoo or face painting booth to entertain shoppers' children
while they wait. List leftover items on eBay, or donate them to charity.

7. Give the dishwasher a break. Talk with local restaurants
about your fundraising goals and ask them to donate a dinner for two. Collect
enough dinner donations for seven nights, and sell raffle tickets to win a
"Dirty Dish-free Week."

8. Hold a cardboard regatta. Each team gets a pile of cardboard,
several rolls of packing or duct tape, a knife and a paddle and must build a
sea-worthy vessel within the time limit. Teams race their crafts on a calm body
of water and compete to win in several categories, such as fastest time,
longest time afloat and most creative design. Charge an entry fee, sell
concessions, have a rescue boat standing by and make sure all passengers wear
life vests.

9. Whip up an all-you-can-eat potato bar. Make baked
potatoes or mashed potatoes and let guests choose their own toppings. Go
traditional with butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, chives and bacon, or mix
it up with vegetables, meat, and a variety of cheeses. Sell tickets in advance
or ask for donations at the door.

10. Get into the Lenten spirit. Give up something you
regularly spend money on – gourmet coffee, eating out, or weekends at the movie
theater. Put the money you've saved during your fast into your trip fund.

More Christians than ever are connecting to God's call to
serve children through direct missions involvement with Buckner. Why?
Because missions connects God to those the team serves as they bring the
message of His love to those who may never have heard it.    

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