Building teamwork in the global Deaf community

By July 29, 2019

International (MNN) – One of the most important factors that come into play in the ministry field is teamwork. To ensure strong teamwork, teams must know what each member is doing.

However, many ministries are not connected to other ‘teams’ or organizations that are working toward the same goals. This ends up creating duplicated work, overusing resources, and restricting the abilities that could propel the Body of Christ’s efforts forward.

DOOR International is developing a database that will show information on where Deaf ministries are working around the world and what they’re doing there. This will show the efforts of other, larger organizations like DOOR and even the work of individuals.

The goal of the database is “that all of this information could be able to be compiled into one database that would be able to really have a much more robust understanding of what’s happening worldwide,” DOOR CEO Rob Myers says.

Joining Hands to Strengthen Efforts

Myers explains that Deaf ministry is a fairly new field that organizations are breaking into. Because of this, organizations need to join helping hands to make a vaster impact.

“There are very few Deaf ministries that are older than, say, 30 years old, and many times, Deaf ministry crops up in pockets or isolated individuals who are working within a people group in a particular area.”

For example, Myers says a single person may see an opportunity to bring education to a Deaf school in Liberia and through that education, share the Gospel.

If that person is unaware of the resources and other organizations that are available to the Deaf community in Liberia, however, they may be operating alone and therefore handicapped in their work and their efforts.

“If they were connected into other things that are happening in the country, then they would be able to be a benefit to those ministries that are already operating there. Plus, they could benefit from other resources that are already there in the country,” Myers says.

That’s where DOOR’s database comes into play.

Building Teams through Database

Last September, DOOR and other international organizations working in the Deaf community gathered to discuss the status of Deaf ministry and where organizations and individuals are working.

(Photo by Mauro Mora on Unsplash)

Through this meeting, they received a general sense of where work was being done. Now, DOOR and other organizations want to gather in-depth data of where Gospel work is being done among the Deaf communities around the world.

With this database, major issues in the field will be solved.

“This helps solve duplication of efforts,” Myers says.

“It helps solve issues where one group may have resources and another group may need them but are totally unaware of them. It may also help to lay out [a] strategy in terms of areas of countries or areas of people groups where there currently is no ministry. And one group may not have the opportunity to go there but may encourage another group to begin to train up a leader to send into that area of the country.”

The Deaf community needs the teamwork help of the entire Body of Christ, whether it’s an organization or an individual. Do you know of work being done in the Deaf community? Help DOOR connect with them by contacting DOOR here.

Pray for connections and that the Lord will help use the connections made through DOOR’s database to increase the efforts of the Body of Christ.



Header photo courtesy of DOOR International.

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