Building to be completed in a few months

By July 9, 2007

Haiti (MNN) — Bethany Christian Services' Haiti partner, God's Littlest Angels, finally closed on
land in Fort Jacques, Haiti, on Tuesday, March 27.

They will be moving ahead with the next phase of building plans this summer. They have five teams coming to clear the land and mark out building sites. Locals have already burned thorn bushes and hauled away trash from the site so that a wall can be built around the property.

The same people also built a storage building for use during the construction process.

Engineering Ministries International is helping them with the building process which will cost $50 U.S. per square foot. They are looking for architects, builders, water system experts, and others who can come to Haiti to help with the project. Those people would begin to design the structure and do the first phase of building. 

If you have the skills needed and would like to be part of the team, click here.

God's Littlest Angels Orphanage since 1994 has been in Haiti, the country with the highest infant mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. The majority of the children there are from newborn to six-years-old who may have been born prematurely. The orphanage has incubators and warming beds and is able to provide oxygen, intravenous fluids, and support for critically ill infants.

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