Lebanon continued troubles worry SAT-7 staff

By July 9, 2007

(MNN)– Suspects and weapons have been seized in Lebanon's refugee camps following
terror attacks seven weeks ago. Meanwhile, the Lebanese army repulsed yet another attack inside a
Palestinian camp in northern Lebanon.

SAT-7's Beirut
office personnel are concerned about the impact in their region. SAT-7's Debbie
Brink: "We really want to be an encouragement to the remnant Christians in
the region, to encourage them to stay and be a witness and not leave. But in Lebanon, for instance, which has always
been considered a Christian country and having 55-percent of the population be
Christian, that's dwindled now to under 45-percent." 

The political climate in Lebanon is not hopeful, and many
people are worried about the future. Brink says that helps anchor their
staff. They continue producing Christian
programming to encourage people in the region because "they want to show
that Christians are making a difference and have a difference in their lives. Even though it's scary for them, and I've
seen the fear on their faces, they also know that they have a life in Christ
that they want to share with others, and so they're doing that very diligently."

Says Naji Daoud, the SAT-7 Lebanon Country Director,
"Please pray that this current situation will be resolved." The SAT-7
crews continue to work on programs and are busy looking at ways to expand their
studio facilities so they can increase production and support the launch of the
new SAT-7 KIDS channel. SAT-7 is hoping to have that channel on the air
later this year.

Please pray for
peace in Lebanon
and for wisdom for all the countries' leaders. Pray also for the
protection of the SAT-7 Lebanon staff as they work to create programming to
launch the new SAT-7 KIDS channel.


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