Cameras aid missionaries

By October 15, 2008

USA (MNN) — Most people think missionaries are church planters, evangelists, or Bible translators. But did you also know that missionaries are videographers?

Margaret Buell served with The Mission Society for two years in Ghana. "I went two years ago to try to help communicate what various missionaries were doing in Ghana, with a passion to help communicate how God is working in them.  I tried to help capture some of the different ministries on video so that their supporters could get a visual image of what's going on."

She describes her task with mission families in the field. "I would go and live with them and spend a couple weeks with them, and film all of the different aspects of their families and the different ministries. Then I'd create a DVD and edit right there. And we would send that DVD back to their supporters."

With many missions conferences on the decline, Buell says, "Media is so popular in America that we're just trying to use media to help communicate God's stories."

Buell says she never thought she'd use her broadcast experience to help missionaries. "When I really started with a personally journey with Jesus, I realized that this is something that probably would be very useful."

She says, "I think that's just the amazing way that God works. Sometimes you don't know what He's going to be up to."

Buell says you may not think God can use you, but she says He will. "Keep praying about it because eventually God is going to help you figure out what it is that He is calling you to do."


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