Campaign to give Bibles to children launches April 1st.

By March 24, 2005

International (MNN) — “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”

As a Bible League team sung those words last autumn on a mission trip, one team member wondered how children would know that Jesus loves them unless they had a Bible to tell them of His love.

That need inspired the Bible League to develop an international campaign for children beginning April 1st, says Mike Dworak of the Bible League: “There’s kids all over the world that desperately need God’s Word, and are crying out for Him right now, not only because they are just so susceptible and vulnerable to all kinds of things, but when they get God’s Word the impact is just astounding; so we have put together a campaign to do just that-get God’s Word into the hands and hearts of these kids, and these are children’s Scriptures, specifically designed and written for them.”

The Bible League’s goal is to intentionally place 100,000 Bibles in kids’ hands through Bible study programs in connection with local churches in five needy regions of the world-Latin America, the former Soviet Union, China, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Dworak says, “We know God’s heart for kids, I mean, we see the Scripture where it said ‘God ordained the praise of Himself from the lips and the hearts of even infants.’ So before these little ones were even born, God ordained praise to come out of their lips.”

We can help reach these children and impact their lives with the Gospel and love of Jesus, Dworak continues, “[God] wants them reached. He doesn’t want them being trafficked; He doesn’t want them being trained to be children soldiers; He doesn’t want them chained to sewing machines in sweat-shops around the world. He wants them praising and worshiping Him. So please pray with us that God would have a great impact in providing thousands upon thousands of Scriptures for these kids around the world.”

You can let a child know the love of Jesus and help send children’s Bibles to regions where the most need is. Each Bible costs only $2 dollars! To help, call the Bible League at 1-800-YES-WORD (1-800-937-9673).

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