Can the Church stay unified on mission in a divided nation?

By February 9, 2017

International (MNN) — New polls from Morning Consult/Politico and CNN show just how divided the United States is on President Trump’s temporary travel ban from seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa.


(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The Morning Consult/Politico poll says 55 percent of Americans support the ban, and 38 percent oppose it.

However, CNN’s poll states 47 percent are in support, and 53 percent are opposed.

No matter how you dice it, there’s a deep schism in the country, and the rift over the refugee ban is just one indicator. How on earth can the Church stay unified in such a divided nation?

Christian Aid Mission’s Steve Van Valkenburg says the key is to stay focused on the Great Commission when it comes to the immigrant and refugee crisis. “Even though we see a lot of controversy regarding refugees coming to the U.S., still we can help the refugees…by reaching out in the name of Christ and by assisting the Christian ministries who already are working there.”

(Photo courtesy of Christian Aid Mission)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Aid Mission)

Whether you believe the Church needs to do a better job loving and supporting refugees where they are, or you believe we need to bring as many refugees and immigrants as possible to our communities and love them here, the facts remain. There are refugees overseas who need the support of the Church. And there are immigrants in your backyard who need the support of the Church.

We’ve already elaborated on how you can partner with Gospel ministries making an impact on the refugee crisis here. But the list below further describes all the creative ways we can participate in a time of critical missions reaching out to refugees, immigrants, Muslims, widows, and orphans in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Support sending solar-powered audio Bibles to Muslim-majority nations along with humanitarian aid through World Mission.
  • Give to Christian Aid Mission’s Aleppo fund or their ‘where most needed’ fund as they send humanitarian aid into the most dangerous and war-torn cities in the Middle East through national Christians and ministry partners. This also allows the local Church to also share the Good News of Christ.
    (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

    (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

  • Write letters to persecuted Christians in hostile nations through Open Doors.
  • Support SAT-7 as they broadcast Christian television and the Gospel message into Muslim-majority nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

This list doesn’t cover every single way you can show Christ’s love to refugee, immigrants, Muslims, widows, and orphans through Christian ministries. But it does offer a taste of the myriad of creative ways you can put your faith into action today.


(Photo courtesy of Christian Aid Mission)

And with any ministry you’re involved in — pray, pray, pray. Please pray for the outreach, for the leaders, for the Church, and for those who will be impacted by the ministry and who are in desperate need of a Savior.

As medical missionary David Livingstone once said, “If a commission by an earthly king is considered a honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?”

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