Can Iran’s economy survive a war with Israel?

By April 22, 2024

Iran (MNN) — Iran and Israel dance dangerously close to the edge of war, trading attacks and threats.

The U.S. confirmed Israel’s drone strike against an Iranian air base on Friday morning, while Iranian media downplayed damages and cited “infiltrators” instead of Israel as the primary instigators.

This weekend’s attack follows Iran’s first-ever direct assault on Israel on Saturday, April 13. The following day, senior U.S. officials said it was apparent Iran’s attack on Israel intended to cause significant damage and death.

The latest tiff between sworn enemies Iran and Israel began earlier this month when a targeted Israeli strike killed senior military leaders at an Iranian embassy in Syria.

Meanwhile, analysts wonder if Iran’s economy can hold up to a prolonged battle, citing pressure imposed by Western sanctions and sky-high inflation.

“On social media, people are complaining about prices skyrocketing,” Heart4Iran’s Nazanin Baghestani says.

“Since Friday (April 12), everything has doubled and tripled [in price.] Basic groceries, such as eggs, they (Iranian people) cannot buy [because] it’s so expensive.”

Fear and anxiety constantly plague Iran’s people, fueled by government oppression and deceit.

“They (Iranian officials) are making the people afraid and quiet by arresting them, harassing them,” Baghestani says. As a result, “People are on edge 24/7, and they’re scared. The spirit of fear is so bad it just doesn’t let them function,” she continues.

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

“Once that (fear) is gone, they can breathe, and it’s very important for us to disciple them and make sure they are strong to withstand all the storms they face inside the country.”

Heart4Iran connects Iranians with the hope of Christ through a 24-7 call center and social media. More about that here.

“Praise God; the message of Christ is always hopeful and peaceful. The goal of the Gospel is peace, and we introduce them to the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ,” Baghestani says.

Please pray that the current tensions between Iran and Israel will not escalate into regional war. Ask the Lord to show mercy on the Iranian people.

“Only God can intervene [to stop the war,] no politician. Let’s pray that God will intervene and this war will stop, this regime will give in and free the people,” Baghestani says.



Header image depicts 10,000 Iranian rials, which are equivalent to .24 USD, as of April 19, 2024. (Wikimedia Commons)

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