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Published on 15 October, 2010

Cape Town 2010 is gearing up, HCJB ready

South Africa (MNN) — 4000 evangelical leaders from around the world are gathering in Cape Town South Africa October 16-25 for the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization.

The first congress was held in Lausanne Switzerland in 1974. The second was in Manila, Philippines in 1989. These congresses helped shape the theology and strategy for global evangelism in this century. The Third Congress in Cape Town South Africa–the first such congress in the digital age–will deal with changes in technology, religions, culture and growth of the emerging world.

President of HCJB Global Wayne Pederson says, "The reason I want to be at Lausanne as president of HCJB is to be a part of a group that creates a strategy for missions and world evangelization for the coming decade."

Pederson says sharing the Gospel today is high tech. "We feel that global media–that includes the new media of social networking, digital and mobile communications, sending text, video and audio to smart phones around the world–is one of the most effective ways to reach unreached people in closed countries with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Pederson says, "In addition, thousands around the world will participate virtually through internet and satellite."

He's asking you to pray for the influential leaders at Cape Town 2010 as they respond to God's call to proclaim the message of Christ to a contemporary world.

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