CCP media echoes Russian denial of Bucha massacre

By April 13, 2022

China (MNN) — After Russian occupation, hundreds of civilians were found massacred in Bucha, Ukraine. Russia called the evidence fake, and Chinese Communist Party media has echoed the claim.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left China in an awkward place. China had strengthened ties with Russia in previous years, but a strong policy of national sovereignty makes it difficult to approve of Russia’s invasion.

Erik Burklin with China Partner says, “China has not had a history of invading other countries. They were invaded by Japan During WWII. They defended as much as they could. And then, of course, Japan lost. But they have never really been aggressive like Putin has been in this case, invading another sovereign nation.”

Prayer in place of suspicion

Burklin encourages listeners to pray for the Chinese leaders, even though viewing with suspicion comes more naturally. “In a nutshell, the government is still anti-God and anti-Christianity. And that’s why they will always give problems for the unregistered churches and have more of a tendency to be open towards the registered churches.”

“We as Christians sometimes really scratch our heads about that, how is it possible that she or Putin are in leadership?”

But God sees and loves everyone. Burklin says, “What we have to keep in mind is in the midst of all that, Jesus Christ reigns. And He is building His church, whether that’s in the house church movement or the registered church movement.”

Ask God to strengthen Chinese believers and give them creativity.

Burklin says many Chinese Christians deal with complicated situations like this by remaining neutral. “I’m learning from them to be the same way: just trusting God in the process, praying a lot.”



Header photo courtesy of China partner.