New JESUS film audio drama broadcasting hope into Ukraine

By April 13, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — Trans World Radio (TWR) was set to release their new JESUS film audio drama for Easter — until Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion into Ukraine changed their plans.

(Photo courtesy of Jesus Film Project)

TWR and Jesus Film Project teamed up to produce an audio drama version of the JESUS film in multiple languages using – in part – audio from the movie.

Brandon Neal with TWR says, “All of the Easter broadcasts, we had them already worked out and scheduled. The JESUS film audio drama is going to be on over 300 different outlets throughout the TWR world and in over 80 languages.”

After war broke in Ukraine, TWR connected with Cru — the parent ministry of Jesus Film Project — to discuss a timely response.

“We were able, through this partnership, to take the JESUS film audio drama in the Russian language and Ukrainian language and broadcast it every day,” Neal says. The radio broadcasts go into Ukraine and surrounding countries. “We did 15 minutes a day — 15 minutes in Ukrainian and then 15 minutes in Russian — back-to-back every day for six straight weeks.

(Photo courtesy of TWR)

“What’s neat about that is a family or a soldier or any person will have the opportunity to hear that in their heart language throughout this time…. By the time that six weeks is up, we’re actually going to be looking right at the different Easter broadcasts that were already scheduled.”

Listen to the JESUS film audio drama on TWR360!

The JESUS film audio drama is broadcasted in Ukraine at 8 pm local time. If you look up what time that is for you in your timezone, Neal suggests setting a timer to pray before the broadcast.

“Pray, ‘God, go before these broadcasts. God, open the hearts and eyes of people. Help people hear,’” Neal says.

“We can have faith that God is using these broadcasts, using the story of Jesus, who He is, what He’s done, and how much God loves us, that He’ll use those things to draw people to Himself.”






Header photo courtesy of Jacob Hodgson via Unsplash.

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