Chadian Bible translators complete Open Bible Stories in seven new languages

By May 13, 2024

Chad (MNN) — Last spring, we told you about a concerted effort to bring Scripture to Chad’s unreached people groups. Today, that project begins a new chapter.

Jeremiah*, a Bible translator trained by unfoldingWord, says his team took 50 Open Bible Stories to communities without access to Scripture. Learn more about the Chadian Gateway Language project here.

“When we finished the Chadian Arabic Open Bible Stories, we took them to one of the region’s predominantly Arabic people,” Jeremiah says.

Despite opposition from a village elder, the king of one remote village allowed Jeremiah’s team to share audio recordings of the Open Bible Stories.

“The room was full; we sat down [with] about 50 elders and the youth and women. Among those people, we [had] about six or seven imams,” Jeremiah says.

“That was their first strategic attempt to bring the Gospel into the region.”

As the Bible stories began, one imam started praying loudly and reciting incantations, but no one left the room. On the second day, people walked in smiling, eager to hear more.

“Our goal is to achieve the message of salvation. We distributed the SD memory cards and after that, the evangelist got a breakthrough; he planted a church,” Jeremiah says.

Today, Jeremiah’s team just completed Open Bible Stories in seven new languages. Pray for receptivity as believers bring these translations to the community for testing.






Header image courtesy of unfoldingWord.

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