Change starts at the community level

By August 30, 2012

Honduras (MNN) — A Compassion International child development center has re-opened after intense gang violence caused it to close down last week. Compassion's Tim Glenn says kids, especially young girls, are still at risk.

"These are kids who have to walk through dangerous areas to get to school every day," explained Glenn.

Gang violence in Honduras has led to the slaughter of 3,000 women and young girls since 2010. Last year, an international report said women were victims of a deadly combination of gang crime, political instability, and the "systematic indifference" of local authorities. More than 90% of murder cases were never investigated.

Glenn said the only way to address this problem is by changing the community.

Compassion's Honduras staff provides a safe place for children, education, training and community outreach at their Casa De Misericordia center.

"Not only are we training our kids and educating them about the issues there, but we also are in the community," Glenn said. "It's gonna take a lot more than just the police department to stand up to this kind of violence.

"And that's why we do the kind of education that we do: to change the community, to teach these kids that this is not the way kids are supposed to grow up."

The Gospel is foundational to Compassion's education efforts, Glenn notes.

"We see more headway when we talk in these communities about the love of Christ then we ever do shouting at somebody to get them to stop the violence."

Pray for God to surround kids with His protection.
Pray that many will come to Christ through Compassion's community efforts in Honduras. You can help Compassion protect kids through donations or child sponsorships.

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