Changes in Cuba prompt action from Trans World Radio

By July 18, 2016

Cuba (MNN) — As relationships between Cuba and the United States change, John Summerville of Trans World Radio says things aren’t the same for the people of Cuba any more.

“For many, many years, the Cuban government has been telling them there is no God [and] that the government has all the answers. Well, people are really coming to realize that the government doesn’t have all the answers, and so they have been very curious and very eager to learn. Because of that, the Christian Church in Cuba has been growing at a very steady and strong pace.”

Photo Courtesy Trans World Radio

Photo Courtesy Trans World Radio

Yet, although there’s a new hunger for the Gospel, there are serious problems with access to basic resources and materials. Things like toilet paper or aspirin are hard to come by, and Summerville says, “Because of that… there’s a huge lack of resources for… Biblical materials.

“That’s where Trans World Radio is going to make such a big impact.”

With some of the economic and financial challenges many Cubans face, some of the technology that is common in places like the US is hard to come by.

“Even though today, cell phones and internet are becoming so prevalent… at the same time people still depend heavily on radio,” says Summerville.

According to Summerville, now is a critical time to make the hope of Christ known to the Cubans and other nations in the Caribbean area.

“There are so many places throughout the Caribbean who may have had the Gospel in the past, but have since turned away. And there are places that have yet to really hear the Gospel, and new generations have grown up just not hearing the Gospel. So when we upgrade this signal to 450 thousand watts, it’s going to make it available for so many more to have the Gospel who have never had it before.”

Photo Courtesy Trans World Radio

Photo Courtesy Trans World Radio

Boosting their signal will allow Trans World Radio to become more than ten times stronger than the strongest AM radio station in the United States, and they’ll be able to reach places like the western side of Cuba.

“They have no Christian radio on that side of the island at all, and so when we upgrade from our 100 thousand watts to 450 thousand watts, we’ll be able to reach the entire island like it’s a local radio station.”

And Cuba isn’t the only target that will be affected by this boost. Parts of Latin America, the Caribbean islands, and even South America as far as Brazil will be able to hear the hope of the Gospel on the air.

But a project like this doesn’t come without its hardships.

Photo Courtesy Trans World Radio

Photo Courtesy Trans World Radio

The financial challenge is daunting, and yet the end is in sight.

“It’s $3.8 million, and God’s people so far have come alongside and right now we’re up to 72-percent. We have about $1 million left to go,” Summerville reports.

If you want to support Trans World Radio, we’ll connect you right here. In the meantime, they’re asking for your prayer so that listeners’ hearts will be open to the convicting truth and salvation of the Gospel message.

“We’d love to encourage people, if they’d love to jump on board, to be a part of this great project, to reach the Caribbean for Christ.”

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