Changing attitudes open new doors for ministry in Ghana.

By August 4, 2006

Ghana (MNN)–In Ghana, as in other Third World countries, to be physically disabled is to be a beggar. But there are changing attitudes, thanks to groups like the Oasis of Love Institute.

Oasis’ Ambrose Brennan says Christ set the example they’re following. And other evidence of a change in the tide, “The government of Ghana has recently allotted a portion of money to help the handicapped.”

As opportunities open for the physically disabled, they need to be made aware of them, and given encouragement to pursue the growing freedom. Brennan says, “We’ve opened up the center for the Handicapped Association to hold their meetings here. This is allowing them to share ‘there’s other opportunities for us’, so we really feel like we’re imparting a real hope to some of the handicapped students.”

But with new classes, the students need a means of transportation. Brennan shares, “We really are believing God that some way we can acquire a van or some means of transportation for the handicapped students. We know that would really, really assist them to come to the classes and some of the other programs we have. It’d be great if people could just pray for finances here and also that God would open up a way we could purchase a van.”

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