Changing Latin America with radio

By April 20, 2018

International (MNN) — Trans World Radio’s Bonaire Transmitter Upgrade project has helped in expanding the ministry’s Gospel reach throughout Latin America.

Changing a Region with Stronger Radio Waves

Their radio ministry programs are now reaching more places in the region with a strong signal, including Cuba, areas in the U.S. and Caribbean, and central Brazil.

The clear signal and ability to listen in distant areas is stirring excitement in people all over Latin America.

“They are listening in their cars, or at the office, or walking around, and it is amazing how clear the signal is now in that area,” TWR’s Annabel Torrealba says. “In Venezuela, they reported that the signal is getting better there, clearer. For years, even before we had 500 kilowatts, it wasn’t that good.”

Their upgrade has 450 kilowatts. With the new technology, Torrealba says it uses less power, but their signal is reaching further.

“We are so happy that this is working, many people are listening to the radio, and they are sending messages every single day, and it’s encouraging because we are sharing the Gospel every day.”

(Photo courtesy of TWR Bonaire)

Their programming runs for a majority of the day, except about eight hours.

“But if we find more partners, we can have programs in that time too,” Torrealba says.

Partnering to Reach Another Generation

TWR is searching for more partners to help expand programming and increase air time. They hope to specifically target the younger generation by producing youth radio programs.

“We have a generation to reach. Always, most people say that Latin America is they are believers, but it’s not true,” Torrealba says. “If you go there, you know that they are not… We didn’t reach the entire country yet or all Latin America. We didn’t reach it. There are opportunities to reach them and the radio is one of the tools that God can use to get there.”

TWR has witnessed moving testimonies from people in Latin America because of their upgraded transmitter and ministry programs.

Torrealba shares that a friend of hers in Venezuela came to Christ after listening to their programs.

“I didn’t know his story,” she says. “I didn’t know he believed in Christ through our programs, and he was my friend in the Church, and I didn’t know that was a way that God used to get him. So, sometimes you are just amazed how God works, and how He use[s] things that you don’t think it will be just the best way, but He use[s] it for good.”

Just as the message of Christ broke through to Torrealba’s friend, TWR’s upgrade has opened doors to broadcast programs in Cuba, which hasn’t been possible for years. Now, however, God is providing ways for the ministry to witness to the people.

(Photo courtesy of TWR Bonaire)

Torrealba says she hopes for more opportunities to partner with churches in different countries as well, like Mexico.

“We need to get there. I know there are some believers in Mexico, there are a lot of believers. But there are some, they don’t know about Jesus, so we need more people to come on board.”

Pray that TWR will form partnerships with churches to further spread the Gospel in Latin and Central America. Pray they will be enabled to produce youth radio programs to continue spreading the Truth and hope of Jesus to the next generation.

You can financially contribute to TWR’s Latin America programming here.

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