Chaplains are reaching out to Hispanic prison inmates.

By July 3, 2006

USA (MNN) — God’s Word is making inroads into the lives of Hispanic prison inmates, through Spanish-speaking chaplains who have a heart to bring them hope and freedom in Christ.

The Bible League and the Chicago Bible Society have partnered together to provide training to chaplains seeking to minister to Cook County Jail’s Hispanic population. Of the 10,000 inmates in Cook County Jail, it’s estimated that 20 percent of them are Hispanic.

The training equips chaplains to use the Bible League’s evangelism and discipleship Bible studies, which they will then use to lead studies with inmates. When inmates complete the study with their chaplain, they receive a Spanish Study Bible.

Nearly one million Spanish Bibles and New Testaments were provided to people in eight Latin American countries in 2005, and the Bible League is excited about the success their Spanish materials are seeing throughout Latin America.

While the impact in the prisons will be great, this training will help chaplains be able to minister even beyond the prisons to families of prisoners as well, and the transforming power of God’s Word will multiply to impact many lives.

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