Hindu radicals pressuring Christians in India, Bibles are needed

By July 3, 2006

India (MNN) — It appears hunger for God’s word continues to grow in India, despite pressure from radical Hindus. Attempts to enact anti-conversion laws, beatings and even death haven’t stalled church growth. That growth is causing a need for Bibles and World Bible Translation Center wants to help with that problem.

WBTC’s Joshua Paul says they’ve translated their Easy-to-Read Bibles into 13 Indian languages. Paul says Hindu nationalists aren’t too happy. “Sometimes we get anonymous calls from different people. Sometimes they threaten us not to distribute these copies free of charge. Also, the evangelists who are working in the remote villages are facing the same kind of problems.”

World Bible Translation isn’t backing away from their Bible distribution, because the need is so great. “40-percent of the people are illiterate. And, these people are not able to understand the standard version. What they want is a very simple, easy to understand language. We are the only ones in India who have produced an easy-to-understand text for this common people.”

Since the Bible is big, like their Hindu books, many nominal Hindus accept the Bible. “Most of the Hindus in the rural areas consider Jesus Christ as one of the gods. So, when we give the Bible they are so happy, thinking that they are getting a blessing from Jesus Christ the Christian god. So, they keep this full Bible near their alter.”

Prayer is need right now because WBTC is concentrating their distribution efforts on the most difficult states. “So, we have made a project for Orissa to distribute 30,000 Bibles free of charge to the most needy people in the remote villages who don’t have clothing, shelter and food.”

Funding is needed to help make this possible. Click on the link below to get connected.

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