Chief responds to Gospel

By July 31, 2007

Canada (MNN) — During Ron Hutchcraft Ministries' On Eagle's Wings outreach near the Arctic circle, a Native American chief came to Christ. 

Craig Smith of the team was able to hear his confession of faith and pray with him. They prayed that the rest of the people he leads will come to Christ. 

The chief came forward on the final day of the outreach when the OEW team gave a public invitation to accept Christ. While some had come to Christ in one-on-one encounters, some began coming forward. As soon as a few from the back began coming, more and more followed. 

In this community, Shrub River, there are several nearby evangelical churches. Many First Nation members are living on the streets even though they have homes on the reserves.  Those who minister to them say its safer for them on the streets. 

When the OEW team found an abandoned halfway house to do their ministry, it was in bad condition. The chief who eventually came to Christ mobilized some of his people
and had the halfway house cleaned up in time for the outreach. 

Overall, 180 people came to know Christ during the OEW team's visit in that region of Canada.

Their next stop is the second-largest First Nations Reserve in all of Canada. Continue praying for God to soften hearts and cause many to believe.

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