Children are the victims of violence in the Holy Land

By November 3, 2004

Israel (MNN) — Thousands of children are victims. They’re victims of the terrorism violence in the Holy Land. However, these victims are receiving help from World Vision.

World Vision’s Atul Tandon is in Israel and says their work started in 1975. “We started with school and helping with children who were either not able to go to school or needed help there. We’ve since expanded to help very poor Palestinian families and Bedouin families in the Holy Land.”

The type of relief is varied, says Tandon. “We extend to them scholarships, we work with schools to give them school supplies, we work with poor families to help them grow crops,” and they’re doing it in God’s name because they are a Christian organization.

13,000 children are currently being sponsored by World Vision. Tandon says, “The Bedouin families that I mentioned to you are the most poor that I have visited amongst the poorest that I have visited in all my travels anywhere in the world. These are people very much living on the edge of survival.”

If you’d like to help sponsor a children in the Holy Land, go to their web site at

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