Children healed after Cyclone Sidr

By January 17, 2008

Bangladesh (MNN) — After Cyclone Sidr, disease threatened Bangladesh. Now, the staff at IN Network is praising God for the healing of children at their orphanage.

Twenty-five of the children at the orphanage were hospitalized with severe cases of cholera. The staff prayed over them and cared for them. The children have all since returned to the
orphanage after being treated and fully recovering. 

The orphanage itself has not completely recovered, however. They still need to repair damaged tin roofs and parts of the building structure at their Bethany Children's Village.

According to another news report, the damage that Sidr caused is not the only thing people are still recovering from. The loss of livelihoods still remains a real tragedy, especially in the shrimp farming business, which provides a main export in Bangladesh. However, there are
also many relief agencies who continue to send aid and help people get re-established. 

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