Children participate in Iran protests

By October 19, 2022

Iran (MNN) — School children are participating in protests across Iran in large numbers.

The Iranian government has responded by sending them to mental health centers. The regime has also killed at least 23 children, according to Amnesty International.

The nationwide protests began one month ago. Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries says, “It’s unrest at the soul level of the country. The police are arresting people in hospitals and rerouting the ambulances to prisons. So people are beginning to die of injuries in the street or at home because they’re not feeling safe to go to hospitals.”


IMM is working on filming the story of Esther, who stood up to authorities in the Persian Empire (which covered much of modern-day Iran).

Likewise, young people in Iran today are standing up against the corruption of the current ruler in Iran. Godwin says, “I heard from another group of people doing media work. They said the numbers of people responding to the media and wanting to know who Jesus is are incredible right now. The echoing cry is, ‘God is at work in this,’ and people are coming to Christ.”

“They said what you are doing through media is helping us. Please continue.”

Godwin recently spoke to a woman who grew up in Iran. “Prior to the Islamic Revolution in 1978-1979, women could wear whatever they wanted. I remember her telling me a story of the morality police stopping her because she didn’t have socks under her sandals. She says today, women and young people are standing up to the forces of darkness. They’re willing to pay the price to regain their freedom. Please pray for them.”

Pray officials in Iran will stop the violence against their own people. Ask God to strengthen the young people of Iran and give them the hope of Jesus.



The header photo shows a still from the Esther project. (Header photo courtesy of International media Ministries)

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