UN calls for ceasefire in Syria

By October 19, 2022

Syria (MNN) — The United Nations pushes for a national ceasefire in Syria. Russia and Turkey brokered a truce two years ago, but it’s not holding; airstrikes have killed hundreds of civilians. This instability stops aid workers from reaching people in need, like the 80 percent of Syria’s population who live in poverty.

Samuel* of Redemptive Stories recently visited believers in Syria. The situation is beyond desperate. “Because of the economic crisis, the [United States] sanctions, and the significant inflation, they’re not able to survive,” Samuel says.

“We met fathers choosing not to have cancer treatment because the cost of the medication will preclude them from being able to provide [food] for their family.”

Nonetheless, neighboring Lebanon is sending its first batch of refugees back into Syria this week. The UN says repatriation is illegal under international law, but Lebanon plans to send 15,000 refugees back each month.

Samuel asks, “What are they coming back to? We drove through town after town that was just completely demolished.”

Child holding a Syrian flag.
(Photo courtesy of Ahmed akacha/Pexels)

Only the Lord can make something good from Syria’s disaster. Pray He will help those in need and bring beauty from ashes.

“People in those crisis situations are asking existential questions. Many are choosing to follow Jesus in the midst of this because Jesus offers both practical and eternal hope that they don’t have otherwise.”

Pray the Lord will strengthen and sustain Gospel workers in Syria. Believers in “lots of different churches, in lots of different denominations and backgrounds, are doing amazing work in the midst of this chaos,” Samuel says.

Programs include “children’s activities, working with young people to encourage them to stay [in Syria], microenterprises that are helping create income for these families,” he continues.

“All of these are meeting practical needs, but [at the same time] believers are working hard to share Jesus’s love and Word.”





Header image depicts abandoned buildings in Idlib, Syria. (Photo courtesy of Ahmed akacha/Pexels)

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