Children’s Bibles for the Chinese diaspora

By March 28, 2024
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North America (MNN) — It is illegal to evangelize children in China, but when Chinese families move to other countries of the world, opportunity suddenly opens wide for the gospel to reach them. How can the global Church meet the children on its proverbial doorstep?

Kurt Rovenstine with Bibles for China says they are funding and distributing a special resource for kids, printed by a ministry partner. It’s the Egermeier Children’s Bible in Mandarin.

“We’re excited about that aspect of the diaspora ministry and praying hard that God used it to reach some children that know nothing of the gospel, know nothing of the work of Christ and what He’s done to bring them into relationship with Him,” Rovenstine says.

Photo courtesy of Bibles for China

These Bibles are meant to reach the whole family. BFC hopes to have them printed and ready to distribute by mid-summer through their existing network of partners in Canada and the U. S.

“Ironically, (this network is) some of the house church pastors that have left China who are now just jumping right back into it,” Rovenstine says. 

For now, North America will be the primary focus of this outreach. Rovenstine says they want the books to be given with care as intentional evangelistic tools. 

“We want it to be, ‘Here’s a piece of literature that will help transform your life.’ We’re working on those connections and looking for those connections,” he says. 

That said, if you live or work among the Chinese diaspora in North America, Bibles for China would love to talk with you. Connect with them at

Finally, join in praying that Mandarin-speaking children who receive these Bibles will be open to the gospel of truth. Pray that North American Christians who encounter the Chinese diaspora will show them the love of Jesus. 


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