Chile devastated by earthquake

By March 2, 2010

Chile (MNN) — There is a growing sense of chaos as despair
builds in Chile. A quake measuring 8.8 shook the city of Concepcion Saturday–a city of more than
200,000 people.

Chile's president, Michele Bachelet, declared a "state
of catastrophe" in three central regions of the country. Several hospitals were evacuated, and
communications with Concepcion were knocked out.

The toll is ghastly: the loss of life is climbing, and
damage estimates are in the double-digit billions.

Jeff Palmer is with Baptist Global Response, a key partner
of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board in disaster relief

He says they have an assessment team en route to support
their team on the ground there. U.S.
headquarters got word from IMB leaders in Chile that all field personnel have
been accounted for and are safe.

In the meantime, Southern Baptists have released $50,000 for immediate relief needs in Chile. Palmer says, "We've already gotten reports
and some requests for help. We're able to provide immediate things like the food, the water, the tent materials,
shelter needs for those who are living outside because either homes have
been damaged or homes have been destroyed, so they need some type of

A compassionate response during a soul-searching time opens
many doors. "By touching people
where they need help physically, by helping them where they are, that's
the first way of ministering to them. Communicating the love of Christ speaks volumes–communicating the love of Christians around
the world who want to respond and help."

Keep praying for the team. Missionaries indicated that on Saturday, they "were stunned, almost
immobilized, but today we are beginning to think about how God can use us." You can help. Click here.

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