China to become the leading Christian nation?

By April 25, 2014
Are you being called to give or go? (Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

Are you being called to give or go?
(Photo courtesy of Bibles for China)

China (MNN) — Until 1976, leaders in China tried to eradicate religion. Nearly 40 years later, Christians are seeing God move in a big way.

According to The Telegraph News, experts are predicting China to be the leading nation in Christianity by 2030. Does that surprise you?

We spoke with Wendell Rovenstine of Bibles For China about their contribution to China’s growing interest in Jesus.

Many people assume that there are very few Bibles in China when in fact Nanjing China houses the largest printing press for Bibles in the world.

The problem isn’t availability: it is accessibility. There are millions of Bibles ready to be distributed in China, but many are too poor to afford them. Others live in locations with little access to purchase Bibles.

That is where Bibles for China is asking you to get involved. Rovenstine says, “Our goal is to find and to share the story and let people know that there is an opportunity to place Bibles in China.”

Recently, Rovenstine went to a Chinese service in the United States and asked some members how many Bibles were needed in China.

One man explained that in a certain province of 100 million people, only 3%-5% have a Bible.

Rovenstine explains what the man was saying, “The need is always present, the need is always there. Where people can’t afford them and don’t have the ability to go to a place where those Bibles are, we feel it’s our obligation and God’s mandated us to put Bibles into the hands of the people who have no way of receiving one unless we, with those that partner with us, purchase the Bibles in China and deliver them.”

When the Bibles are purchased for believers and those wanting a Bible, the Chinese community delivers them. Many churches ask for Bibles For China’s help in making the Bibles accessible.

“The future of the Christian in China is not we westerners going and providing that answer,. The answer exists in China. We just need to resource them with God’s Word because a real move of God is taking place in China that everyone should really be thanking God for,” Rovenstine says.

Bibles for China is taking a team to distribute Bibles in May. They are going again in November. If you want to be involved in the Fall trip, click here for details.

Rovenstine says Bibles for China looks to God to lead them for these trips. “There are 30 provinces in China, but we believe that God is going to sow His Word where the soil becomes fertile.And we’re going to have opportunity to sow His Word throughout China as the Lord opens those doors rather than we go barging in looking where we should be.”

As the May trip approaches, Rovenstine says, “I just can’t wait for them to go see the wonderful change and the expression on the faces of those who receive His Word; it’s just [so] spiritually exhilarating for individuals.”

It costs only $5 to purchase a Bible for someone in China, and that gift is matched. Pray that God would keep the doors open in China. Visit Bibles For China’s Web site to learn how to give, go, or pray.

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